Corporate Finance Facilitation Company - Megafin Capital, Dubai UAE
Megafin Capital LLC

A Corporate Finance Facilitation Company facilitating Debt & Equity Funding - Trade Financing, Working Capital, Project Finance, Machinery Equipment Lease, Equity Investment, Strategic Partnerships for Business & Projects in Dubai, UAE, GCC & MENA region.

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  • Our Services

    Financing Solutions

  • Equipment and Machinery Lease Finance
  • International Project Finance
  • Real Estate Development Project Finance
  • Islamic Finance

    Real Estate Development Project Finance

    Innovative Real Estate Development Solutions

    We arrange construction and development finance mainly for real estate developers in the Middle East region and the Indian sub-continent.

    We provide practical solutions to real estate financing challenges and strive for tailored financing solutions for property developers.

    We handle various aspects of commercial real estate projects and work on all aspects of the financing from structuring, due diligence, the documentation process and closing. We bring a high degree of creativity to projects and get the deals finalized in time.

    Our Customers

  • Construction Companies
  • Leasing Companies
  • Project Owners
  • Property Developers
  • Property Managers
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Real Estate Companies


  • Affordable housing Projects
  • Commercial Real Estate projects
  • Hospitality - Hotel, resort and golf club
  • Industrial - distribution facilities, factories and warehouses
  • Mixed Use complexes - Retail, Entertainment, Residential, Commercial Projects
  • Mixed Use High Rises - Residential and Commercial projects
  • Reclamation projects
  • Recreational and sport amenities - country club, golf course, marina and ski facilities
  • Research and development facilities
  • Residential projects, Group Villas
  • Retail and Shopping centers
  • Urban office complexes

    Equity and Debt Financing

  • Construction Finance
  • Development financing
  • Funding for Land Acquisition
  • Leasing - Commercial Leasing and Retail
  • International Development and cross border transactions
  • Private Equity and JVs
  • Real Estate Acquisitions

    Problems of Property and Construction Finance

    Debt vs Equity: Sourcing and securing outside debt financing for any real estate development project is simply very hard these days. Though private equity investment is available in abundance in the liquidity rich region, it seems to be is less attractive for the developers because lion's share of profits has to be parted way to the equity partner. Thus highly professional and innovative approach is required to get financing for these challenging real estate projects.

    Megafin Capital has the solutions for financing interesting Real Estate Development projects world wide.